About COCOYA Party

Tell me about participants of COCOYA Party!!

The age of participants focus twenties and thirties, but of course there are forties and fifties.
The proportion of males to females in our party is same.

I can’t speak foreign language at all.

No problem!!

In our party, many Japanese girls want to improve foreign language and make friends with non-Japanese people.

It pleases them to speak English rather than Japanese.

Is there group discount?

Yes, if your group is over 10 people, there is discount.
The discount is different from each parties, so please ask us about discount rate.

Also, we recruit person who gather participants to our party.
If you are interested in this, please ask us more info

Is there dress code?

Our party has no dress code.

Many people come to our party with casual.
So you can enjoy drinking and talking in a relaxed laid back atmosphere.

I can't drink alcohol.

We prepare many kinds of drinks, and there are some soft drinks.

Almost all of our parties offer some foods, so you can also enjoy eating!

Are there requirements for taking part in your party?

If you are over 20, it’s no problem!
We have no dress code.

How to reserve

Click here or mail to kyuuden@muse.ocn.ne.jp with your name and your nationality.
For group bookings, please leave full-name of all participants.

How to pay

Cash only at our reception desk.